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From Dave, Sharron, and Quinn Mathis: -God’s guidance as we make ministry shift…again. We are currently meeting weekly, strategizing and praying over ministry opportunities, finalizing our annual ministry plans at the end of this month. -Supernatural peace for Haiti instead of ongoing violence and unrest. -that God would reveal new ways using the resources we have to deal with unhealthy mindsets (worldview) in the church… -We are celebrating and giving praise to the truth that even when projects aren’t happening the way they used to, the way we planned or exactly how we’d like them to…discipling disciplemakers never stops! Praise Jesus!


Job interview this morning @ 10:00 with Bank of The West


Please pray the Lord would provide a way of escape and bring us back together with Mama quickly. That the Lord's promise will be fulfilled and that we do not have to be separated anymore.


A dear friend Eric Brekke was diagnosed with cancer - multiple myeloma on Tuesday 1/7/21. He is young only 49 and the brother of Sandy Grove who lives in Morris. They are looking for a treatment team and MD this week and are broken. Be praying for him and his wife MaryAnn. Caring Bridge -


Please continue to pray for my anxiety.

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